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EKgold Exclusive Service

EKgold Commitment
From ethical sourcing and local crafting, to a lifetime warranty and aftercare you can depend on.
We’re committed to providing you with everything you need to shop with confidence and peace of mind, throughout your journey with us.

Ethical Sourcing
Every piece of jewelry we sell comes from reputable, trustworthy suppliers who share our values of transparency.
We are proud to purchase inspected Alluvial gold as raw materials, ensuring that every piece of jewelry produced is made of Alluvial gold with a gold content of 10%. While ensuring that the product has a high artistic appreciation value, its own value is also worthy of collection.

Alluvial gold jewelry
Alluvial gold jewelry is a precious metal product widely used in jewelry and ornament making. It is loved for its special appearance and sparkling luster. The alluvial gold used by our company is an alloy with a gold content of 10%. On the basis of remaining strong and wear-resistant, it has a high collection value and will not wear easily during daily wear and use.

Full insurance
For products purchased at EKgold, the express delivery order is fully insured, and all costs are borne by the express delivery company. Avoid the risk of customers purchasing expensive items.

Lifetime service
You can enjoy lifetime free cleaning, repair, renovation, maintenance and other after-sales services, allowing your jewelry to release its ultimate beauty at any time.
Our meticulous craftsmanship means that with our and yours, your jewelry will last a lifetime. Rest assured, in the unlikely event of a flaw, we will do our best to keep your jewelry looking and feeling like new.

Free shipping
Delivery to your door: discreet, safe and at no extra cost. We offer professional express delivery and full purchase insurance on all products. You don't need to pay any shipping and insurance fees.

30 days return
We are confident in the abilities of our designers and goldsmiths, but if it is not completely correct you will have 30 days to return your jewelery. Our returns policy is designed to mitigate the risk you take when buying surprise jewelery - if you're concerned about the risk of a style that doesn't fit, talk to an expert or check out our full and fair returns policy.