All our jewelry is packaged in beautiful presentation boxes.These boxes are made of high-end synthetic leather.

When you place your EKgold jewelry order, the work begins immediately. Every order is carefully handcrafted by our expert craftsmen. The customer's custom order will also confirm the jewelry design drawings with the customer to further ensure that the customized jewelry is consistent with what the customer wants.

Full insurance
Shipping on all orders is divided into Standard Shipping, FedEx and DHL Shipping. Customers can select their desired shipping method when placing their order.
All products purchased from EKgold Jewelry will be fully insured for delivery and transportation, and all costs will be borne by the courier company. Avoid risks that may arise during transportation when customers purchase valuable goods.

After each order is dispatched, we will email the customer the dispatch time and shipping number. After the delivery note shows delivery, we will send another email to confirm the package delivery with the customer to ensure that each order is delivered to the customer.

EKgold jewelry is committed to serving every customer so that everyone can have the jewelry they like.