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What is Alluvial Gold jewelry

Alluvial gold jewelry is a precious metal product widely used in jewelry and decoration making. It is loved for its special appearance and sparkling luster. Alluvial gold used in EKgold jewelry is an alloy with a gold content of 10%. On the basis of remaining strong and wear-resistant, it has a high collection value and will not be easily worn during daily wear and use.

Step 1: The Making Process of Alluvial Gold Jewelry

The production process of alluvial gold jewelry is very delicate and tedious. First, the metal material is melted into liquid metal, which is then injected into a mold to make jewelry of different shapes. During the injection molding process, the fluidity and shrinkage of the metal need to be taken into consideration to ensure the quality of the final product.

Next, the alluvial gold jewelry is ground and polished to make its surface smooth and resistant to scratches. During this step, craftsmen use specialized tools and materials to ensure every detail is taken care of.

Finally, alluvial gold jewelry is carefully ground and polished by craftsmen to give its surface a golden appearance. This step improves the durability of the jewelry and increases its ability to resist oxidation and scratches.

Step 2: Characteristics of Alluvial Gold Jewelry

Alluvial gold jewelry has many unique features that make it a popular piece of jewelry. First of all, the color of alluvial gold is bright and unique, and it can be matched with various gemstones and other metals. Secondly, alluvial gold jewelry has a very high gloss and can reflect light, giving people a sense of nobility and magnificence.

In addition, alluvial gold jewelry is relatively light and more comfortable to wear. This is very important for jewelry that is worn for a long time. In addition, alluvial gold jewelry also has high toughness and durability, and can withstand the test of long-term wear and use.

Step 3: How to care for alluvial gold jewelry

To maintain the beauty and luster of alluvial gold jewelry, proper maintenance methods are required. First of all, you should try to avoid contact with chemical substances, such as perfume, dish soap, etc. These chemicals may corrode the surface of the metal, causing the jewelry to lose its luster.

Secondly, alluvial gold jewelry should be cleaned regularly. You can use mild soapy water or a professional jewelry cleaner and gently wipe the surface of the jewelry with a soft-bristled brush. Then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Finally, when not wearing sand gold jewelry, it should be stored in a dry, soft cloth bag or jewelry box. This prevents the jewelry from coming into contact with moisture and dust in the air, extending its lifespan.