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Placer Gold

Placer Gold
In terms of annual world gold production, Placer Gold accounts for less than 2% of the total gold mined. The vast majority of discoveries exist in the form of gold powder. By weight, the number of gemstone grade diamonds discovered in a year is 10 times that of premium jewelry grade Placer Gold.
All the placer gold blocks in our jewelry and samples are crafted using natural placer gold with a gold content of no less than 10%. They are handmade by top jewelry craftsmen with 26 years of experience in the world.
Place of Origin
The geological evolution of Australia is different from that of North America because it produces large, particularly pure gold. In North America, most of the gold mined is microscopic.
The quartz veins in Australia produce the highest concentration of solid gold on Earth. Millions of years of erosion have dissolved quartz veins, spreading gold blocks throughout the entire gold mining area.
After 150 years of mining history, there is still a small group of dedicated individual prospectors using high-tech metal detector to search these areas.
Hundreds of ounces of high-quality gold nuggets are discovered every year. Every piece of gold is dug by hand, as well as nails, bullets, bottle caps, and so on.
Unlike large gold mining companies that invest millions of dollars in heavy equipment and pay huge fuel costs, chilled beer is more suitable for Australian seekers.
The gold we use comes from Australia, and good material sources are more conducive to our design and processing to produce excellent works.